Industrial Process Cooling Solutions


MTA Air Conditioning


Having served the air conditioning needs of businesses across Australia and New Zealand for 16+ years, our team here at MTA have all the know-how you could need for settling on air conditioning systems with your business in mind at all times. Our various product ranges alone will help you to get you air conditioning off the ground at last, as is evidenced by our impressive portfolio of past projects in applications from wineries to mining and beyond. 


Our cooling capacity range currently rests at an impressive 1.4 to 1500 kWR, meaning that no application is too large or small for our expertise. If you’re seeking air conditioning you can trust at last, then a chat with a friendly member of our team on 1300 304 177 is guaranteed to point you in the right direction.

Air Cooled Chillers


Our extensive range of air-cooled chillers and heat pumps include screw chillers and hermetic scroll compressors that offer varying cooling and capabilities across a wide range of business sizes/priorities.

Air Cooled Heat Pumps


With environmental efficiency and reliable processes at their heart, air conditioning solutions like these are ideal for companies seeking maximum capabilities that never compromise on ecological ethics

Water Cooled Chillers


We also offer a wide range of water-cooled chillers and heaters that could serve your business with ease. Offering high performance to commercial and industrial applications of various sizes, MTA chillers and water pumps continually meet energy efficiency requirements and reduced management costs.