Light Commercial Heat Pumps

Features of Mammoth E Series water-to-air WSHPs:


• 11 standard capacity packaged models 3.0 to 19.3 kW

• 11 standard capacity split models 2.58 to 21.5 kW

• 9 large capacity models 22 to 98 kW

• Compact horizontal or vertical cabinets made from G60 galvanised steel and insulated with 15mm skin-coated fibreglass/PE.

• 10mm reusable filter supplied in factory-mounted filter bracket for return air duct connection.

• Easy ceiling suspended or floor mounting

• High EER 3.92 to 4.64

• Field convertible discharge

• Environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant

• Microprocessor-based control system with fan speed adjustment and condensate overflow protection

• Luxury controller included

• High efficiency rotary or scroll GMCC or Sanyo compressors

Features of Mammoth E Series water-to-water WSHPs:


• 9 water-to-water models 7.1 to 55 kW

• Produces chilled water for air conditioning and heating hot water for space heating and domestic hot water

• Suitable for water or ground loop applications

• 5 modes of operation: cooling, heating, heat recovery, domestic hot water, heating with domestic hot water

• Easy floor-mounted installation

• Robust cabinet construction from G60 galvanised steel and 15mm fibreglass insulation. The entire bottom panel is insulated to prevent condensation and noise transmission.

• Compressor independently mounted on mounting channel and neoprene isolators for low noise transmission and quiet operation.

• High efficiency and anticorrosive stainless steel brazed-plate heat exchangers.

• Included thermostat for monitoring inlet and outlet water temperatures

• Compressor operation safety lockout for high or low refrigerant pressure and water flow.

• RS485 interface with BMS

Features of Mammoth Condu Series ducted chilled water Fan Coil Units:


• 9 models with capacity from 1.95 to 11.6 kW

• 2 or 4 pipe, 2, 3 or 4 row cooling coils

• Robust casing construction from 0.7mm galvanised steel for top and bottom panels and 1mm thick coil end panel and fan motor deck.

• Seamless copper tube and blue fin counter flow coils

• Fan impeller is forward-curved centrifugal, static and dynamically balanced for smooth operation.

• 3 speed PSC fan motor with easy capacitor maintenance or higher efficiency brushless EC motor option.

• Optional plenum construction from 0.7mm thick galvanised steel casing panels.

• Supply and return air flange made from 0.7mm galvanised steel.

• Optional standard 3 to 5mm thick washable nylon type filter or aluminium or sandwich style filters.

• Standard painted carbon steel drain pan with bottom insulated with 5mm PE or optional stainless steel pan. Optional extended drain pan also available.