Geothermal Heat Pumps

Owners, architects, and contractors face many challenges in the design and construction of their projects. Challenges such as usable space, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, maintenance costs, building longevity, and the LEED® program all come to the forefront of the design process. When considering the solutions to these challenges, the type of HVAC system chosen affects each one, regardless of market. ClimateMaster is finding solutions for customers in a wide range of markets to make buildings healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective.
Project Applications
Product Range
Tranquility® 20
Single Stage TS

1.8 – 21.1 kW

Tranquility® 16
Compact TC
4.4 – 17.5 kW
Tranquility® 16
Large TL Series
24.6 – 87.9 kW
Tranquility® 16
Compact Belt Drive TCH/V
Horizontal Units: 21.1 – 35.2 kW
Vertical Units: 21.1 – 87.9 kW
Tranquility® Modual TMW.
10.6, 17.6, 35.2, 50 and 100kW
Console TRC
2.64 – 5.3 kW
Accessories & Controls