KE Low Impulse Fabric Systems

Low impulse draft free cooling

The KE – Low Impulse textile ducting is an ideal solution for the delivery and distribution of cooled air, particularly suitable for hygien, comfort and temperature control. KE Fibertec’s textile based low impulse systems are woven from Trevira CS polyester yarn, and the textile surface acts as a fine mesh, allowing the supply of air to pass through the surface at a very low uniform discharge velocity which is normally less than 0.1 m/s. 

The KE – Low Impulse textile ducting will distribute and filter cooled air completely without drafts. The air slowly diffuses through the permeable surface and the excellent air distribution ensures a good working environment free of drafts even in cold rooms.

Air flow is based on the displacement principle, in that cold air displaces warm air and convective currents over heat sources are very important. The system will only work if the fundamental physical laws are obeyed, so the system cannot be used for heating purposes. However, when sized properly it is possible to cool by up to 63 BTU / sqft floor area without drafts, and the system is condensation free even at a humidity rate over 90% RH. 

Great care is taken when designing a system based on passive thermal displacement to take into account heat producing elements in the subject room. 

The system is particularly well suited for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry and very relevant to applications that require high cooling and ventilation loads. 

The specially designed KE-Trevira CS materials are woven in our our weaving mill and developed for long term durability. Even after repeated washing, permeability remains uniform with a maximum shrinkage rate of 0.5%.