KE Fibertec Fabric Duct

Low cost – low energy – draft free – clean indoor environments

Fabric Duct Textile Based Ventilation

Air Solutions provides local Design, Design Consultancy and on site assistance to installers. Using KE Fibertec’s CAD/CAM modelling software TBV Designer, our ducts will be designed perfectly to your project, including export into AutoCAD, Revit and MagiCAD. TBV Designer details every aspect of the system whether a simple straight run or complex bends, turns and transitions. The system is guaranteed to perform on the project as it does within WinVent. KE Fibertec’s systems are recognised as the industry leader in laboratories and the food industry thanks to their superior HDC, High Dust holding Capacity material for low impulse systems.. Famous for condensate free swimming pools using DireJet nozzle systems and draft free office environments with laser cut orifices.

System Range

KE Fibertec develops and markets three main TBV product groups, which can all be supplied in three different geometries: Round, Half Round and Quarter for wall to ceiling installations.

100% air through permiable material for low velocity solutions. Eg; Laboratories and cold working environments.

Hybrid permiable material and laser cut orifice. For comfort solutions. Eg; Offices, public spaces


Majority air through nozzles for precision throw. and even pressure within the system for low pressure energy efficicent systems. Throws 5 to 30m.

Material Range


To ensure that KE Fibertec’s stringent quality requirements are met, all textile materials are woven at KE Fibertec’s own weaving mill. KE Fibertec Væveri  A/S allowing them to ensure the entire process from yarn to finished product has gone through their ISO 9001 quality assurance system. KE Fibertec Væveri currently uses the latest technology including state-of-the-art air-jet looms. This means KE Fibertec’s weaving mill is able, in collaboration with their development department, to develop new and better materials at any time, all for the benefit of the finished fabric’s quality and of the end user.


KE Fibertec’s is the only manufacturer of textile ducts offering five sizes: Ø12, Ø18, Ø24, Ø48 and Ø60mm. the flexibility in choice of nozzle size offers great benefits as the KE-Direct Jet System can then be used in virtually every type of premisis that requires mixing ventilation even in extremely large premises such as high-bay warehouses or large sports halls. The nozzle not only offer precise throw over the desired distance but are crucial in keeping the pressure within the duct constant and even. Systems are often designed with different nozzles sizes and flow models allowing projects to achieve the flow patterns and air intensity required for different areas.