Because Clean Air Matters

Features & Benefits of CosaTron Systems

For Building Owners and Managers

  • Reduces initial capital investment for equipment on both new and retrofit buildings
  • No negative side effects for building occupants
  • Improves health and comfort of occupants
  • Improves worker performance and reduces absenteeism
  • Enhances effectiveness of any filter type
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Leaves facility cleaner by reducing plating and deposition
  • Reliable operation, Easy to maintain, Quiet operation
  • Controls the contaminants and increases the size of particulate matter
  • Modular design enables scalable production to meet a variety of configurations
  • Works in new construction and retrofit designs
  • Reduces outside air requirements
  • The only technology with no negative side effects. Does not produce ozone.
  • Decreases levels of carbon dioxide in conditioned space
  • Removes over 1000 types of VOCs
  • Helps control healthcare associated infections
  • Reduces plating and deposition
  • Legacy of proven results since 1958. 33,000 installations in operation in 18 countries

The patented CosaTron process controls indoor contaminants and the problems they create, restoring fresh, clean air to any conditioned space.
When left untreated, indoor air contaminants accumulate to dangerous levels posing a great risk to our health, especially for children, the elderly and those with existing respiratory illnesses. Indoor air is up to 5x more polluted than outside air. How we control the most common contaminants and reduce outside air intake has become a major concern for mechanical engineers and facility managers world wide.

The CosaTron Air Purification System is a clean air technology that works. CosaTron Systems treat the air, making the fine particles larger, so they can be removed by the ventilation system. CosaTron is installed as a component of your HVAC system, it enhances the performance of your filters, making them more efficient, without generating ozone or ionizing the air; leaving behind only fresh, clean, recirculated air!

98% Of Particles Are Too Small To Be Influenced By Airflow

The particles in a room vary in size, concentration and settling time.  What happens to these particles depends almost solely on their size and to some degree, their age. Well-established facts of physics has demonstrated that there are two primary forces at work that affect particle movement. One is air movement created by the HVAC system and the second is the naturally occurring electrical fields that exist in all rooms. 98% percent of the particles, in typical indoor air, are 3 microns or smaller in size and due to their small cross sectional area cannot be moved by air currents.  Particles of this size are controlled, to a much larger degree, by the naturally occurring electrical fields (this is why small particles tend to “plate out” or cling to electronic devices such as TVs and computer monitors). These contaminants stay behind and create, not only a serious health hazard for occupants, but also a costly maintenance issue for owners.

Particle / Contaminant Behaviour

As particles age they naturally collide with one another and as a result, stick together creating a larger particle. This naturally occurring phenomenon is called “coagulation”, and as one prominent researcher stated, “is the most important phenomenon in the interactions of aerosols (airborne particles).” As particles coagulate, through this random process of collisions, the end result is a reduction in the volume of submicron particles and an increase in the larger particles (both size and volume).  As particles increase in size the cross sectional area eventually becomes large enough for normal air currents to now move them. This naturally occurring process is exceptionally slow and thus has virtually no effect on eliminating contaminants from an occupied space.

The CosaTron Effect - How It Works

CosaTron discovered long ago that the natural process of coagulation could be greatly influenced by the use of a “non-homogenous in-duct electrical field”.  A non-homogenous electrical field is comprised of two grids mounted 3″ apart from one another. One grid is a high voltage (HV) field and the other is a high frequency (HF) field. These two fields have a dramatic effect on particles coming in close proximity by greatly increasing the speed and direction of the particles. The rate of particle collisions is increased exponentially resulting in a rapid decrease in small particles (submicron) and a rapid increase in particle size.  Generically this process is called “excitation technology.”


We call it the “CosaTron Effect!”


As particles increase in size they can then be picked up by the HVAC system and moved through ducts and trapped by the filters to be removed. The particles are “carbaceous” (containing or composed of carbon) so VOC’s, gases and other odorants tent to absorb and adsorb onto them turning them, in effect, into “micro-miniature carbon beds.” The coagulated particles work somewhat like snowballs rolling downhill sweeping up fine particles increasing the proportion of large contaminants carried and trapped by the filters. CosaTron is the only air purification system that uses unique, patented solid-state technology to increase particle size allowing particles to be moved by the HVAC system to the filter and removed permanently.

CosaTron Systems Work Efficiently In Any Application

The CosaTron Effect can be put to the test in any size facility, from small offices and salons to huge sports arenas. It is especially ideal for applications such as controlling Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) in hospitals, surgical centers, coroners and laboratories. Other common applications include manufacturing clean rooms, data processing centers, animal facilities, industrial plants where corrosion is a major issue and all types of office buildings as well as educational facilities including schools, classrooms, libraries and  gymnasiums. Buildings protected by CosaTron Systems include Delta Airlines, Samsung Korea, Abu Dhabi Exhibition Hall, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Trump Towers, The Grande Ole Opry, Walmart and many others. Over 33,000 CosaTron Systems are in operation today in commercial, institutional and industrial applications world wide. Contact your sales rep to learn more about how you can install a custom CosaTron System to control contaminants in your space.