Pioneering the way in air pressure control for over 50 years
The Aercon® Advantage

Aercon have been manufacturing their range of Air Pressure Stabilisers for over 50 years at their factory in Walsall, UK.

For over 50 years, Aerconhave pioneered the way for air pressure control worldwide. Understanding the importance of clean air in critical situations, continuing to develop air pressure control valves and stabilisers to suit a variety of applications.

Manufactured in House
All of our products are designed and manufactured at our facility, so you will always get a high quality product; bespoke options are also available.
Meeting all Relevant Standards
i.e.: HTM 03-01, HTM 2025, HBN4, HBN13, ISO14644-1 and EN12101-6 2005.
Maintenence Free
Our top quality units are virtually maintenance free with a 25 year service life.
The Aercon Type LF
air pressure stabiliser was introduced in 1998
The Aercon Type LF product provides a range of multi-bladed stabilisers for use in hospital, clean room and laboratory applications.